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{{answer_11638889}}, what is your BIRTH DATE ? *

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At what TIME were you born ? (e.g. 12:43)
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Trivia Q & A: Why the hospital name? These days hospitals often have helipads onsite for the emergency helicoptors, and so have their latitude and longitude on their websites for navigation.
Your chart (map of the sky) is drawn from the perspective of your exact birth location: the latitude & longitude.
Are you a MALE or FEMALE ?

(Yes, I know: stereotypes. I almost NEVER wear a dress!)

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( And for Online sessions, I need to know in advance if it's VIDEO or only VOICE, so I will know whether to wear lipstick & mascara !! ... Don't worry, I  never do sessions in my pjs! )


Which best describes your focus for our session ?

Obviously, you want to become Exceptional and make a real difference, so where are you at right now with your career?

Please list your former and current occupations/qualifications

(Gives me a good idea of where you're up to with your birth-chart)
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(PS: The more I know, the deeper the investigation I can do with your chart)
Next 2 questions (6 a & b) are ONLY for Buddhist Monks & Nuns

( So you can SLIDE ON to #7 if this does NOT APPLY )

Are you currently an ORDAINED member of a Buddhist Sangha?
( i.e. a monk or nun )

If Ordained, which tradition ?


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